Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Allergy Symptoms and How to Heal Them Naturally

Allergy symptoms vary from person to person (and animal to animal), but tend to fall into a few categories. One group of people will tend to express their allergies through their skin. Various eruptions will appear on any part of your body. These are unique to you, in both the area affected and the type of eruption.

Another group of people will express their allergy symptoms through watery discharge of the upper respiratory tract. Symptoms might include those typical of hay fever - streaming eyes, sore eyes, red eyes, itchy eyes, streaming nose, itchy palate, itchy throat, itchy nose, sneezing, etc.

And yet another group of people may express their allergy symptoms through their stomach, with indigestion, gas and diarrhea.

Whatever the area affected, it is showing you your weakness. But at the core of the problem is your immune system. It's struggling really hard and not making much headway. It's badly compromised.

This is at the heart of every single disease under the sun. The expression of the disease (ie your symptoms) indicate your area of weakness, but the fact that you have the allergy or disease in the first place is because your immune system is compromised.

If you have a good, healthy immune system, your body will heal everything. You won't even be aware that there is a problem.

So how do you restore your immune system to its former glory? Generally this is a life transformation. There is no easy fix, no magic bullet. But if you start now, it can only improve.

Things that stop your immune system working are:

  • eating unhealthy food (fast, junk, processed, dairy, too much meat, preservatives, colours and so on)
  • taking medicine on a regular basis
  • having vaccines
  • not getting exposed to enough sun
  • not taking regular exercise
  • drinking too much alcohol

But by far the most important aspect is how you think. If you think negatively, get frightened easily, get angry often or suppress your feelings regularly, your immune system will be badly affected.

Those people who are at peace with themselves don't have compromised immune systems. And they don't get sick very often.

So instead of thinking someone else, other than you, can fix your allergy symptoms, try thinking that you are responsible for your health. It could be the start of a profound journey for you.