Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tips For Travelling With Allergic Kids

When the holiday season is coming closer, what will you do? Contacting your travel agent for arranging a tour? Or just don't do anything since your kids have an allergy, and it will be dangerous for them to travel far from home? Relax! With these tips you can have a fun family trip with your allergic kids next holiday.

It's quite hard for kids to get suffered from allergy. With all the strict diets against food allergy, 'stay-at-home' period during pollen season, or strict rules to play with the dog. All of them have somehow seized their opportunity to have fun. So, how if you plan a family holiday trip on next school holiday? And this time, you will have plenty of time to plan and prepare everything, to ensure that your kids will have an allergy-free-holiday! These are just some idea that you can add in your holiday planner list...

Choosing travel destination

This might be the most exciting activity near a holiday. Browsing for beautiful places, planning activities, comparing hotel rates, etc...But don't forget to include the most important aspect in your travel destination list, your allergic kids! Choose a travel destination that won't trigger allergy to your kids!

If it is a food allergy, make sure that you can get special allergy-free food for the kids, either from the hotel catering itself, or whether there is a restaurant nearby which can serve allergy-free foods for your kids.

If your kids have pollen allergy or hay fever, make sure that your destination country/city is having a different season (not pollen), or at least have different kind of pollen than the one your kids are allergic to. But for the best solution, why not taking your family to the beach this time? There your kids can have more fun, and the pollen level at beaches are usually lower than at the coasts.

Travel arrangement

Since you have special health conditions, it is recommended to use a travel agent to arrange your trip. As travel agent has a connection with hotels and restaurants, as well as airlines, it will be easier for you to arrange everything with the travel agent, instead of spending much time to arrange with each parties.

What kind of things you need to arrange with the travel agent?

If your kids need a special diet during flight or during the stay,
If your kids must have special bedding arrangement in the hotel room,

You can ask the travel agent to provide it, and don't forget to ask for their written confirmation before you settle the payment.

Baggage listing

Apart from your usual 'things to bring' for travelling, be sure to bring what your kids need concerning their allergy,

Medications - bring enough spares for the whole holiday, and don't forget to check the expiry date. Put it in your hand bag, NEVER in your baggage case, in case you lost your baggage or some other baggage problems.

Asthma action plan - if your kids suffer from severe allergy or asthma, bring their asthma action plan. It will be much helpful for your guidance when the kids have an attack.

EpiPen - if there is a risk your kids might have an attack, bring spares of epinephrine and extra EpiPen, in case you need it more than once. Check the expiry date!

Precautions things to prepare

These are precaution things that you should arrange before your holiday trip, especially if you are going abroad,

Health insurance - check whether the insurance can cover hospital treatment in your destination, in case of an attack.

Doctor's letter - get a letter from your kids' doctor, confirming that medication you bring is for your kids' health. It can avoid problems at the customs.

As soon as you arrive to the destination country, find information about nearest ER or hospital, phone numbers of ambulance, doctor's, and emergency services (911 in US).

And now, when everything is ready, you can focus on the holiday, and many fun activities you can have during it. Allergy will not be a threat that can ruin your holiday, as long as you have well prepared everything before the departure.

Have a nice holiday...

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